Who We Are

As a small dispatch and delivery business based in Brooklyn, Errands is all about delivering exceptional service. We strive to earn your satisfaction and look forward to assisting you whenever you need.

Speed up your productivity with Errands

We believe in people and strive to enhance their day whenever we interact. From small, everyday tasks come great accomplishments. Errands wants to take the stress of delivery maneuvers out of the hands of residents and businesses and free them to pursue bigger and better things. Make your dreams come true.

Here to Serve

Here at Errands we live with logistics. Local, independent companies, families of all sizes, and events of any occupation get us excited. We love nothing more than satisfied customers, exceptional service, and enabling others to maximize their available time.

Done Right

Whatever the task, Errands believes it should be done with your entire being and to the best of one's abilities. We are commited to the highest quality service, and hope you'll have a memorable experience every time you call on Errands.

White Glove Experience

Your Personal Door To Door Messenger

Errands offers exceptional services for order pickup as well as subscription, scheduled, and personal deliveries

Have items to send all around town? No problem! Errands specializes in distribution of magazines, flyers, papers, or any other batch deliveries you have, personal invitations to family events, community gathers, or private meetings included.


Let our diverse fleet handle it

Errands dispatches the right mode of transportation to get your order delivered as quickly as possible.

All sizes of vehicles
Motorbikes and Bicycles
All types of equipment

Find an option that works for you

Errands offers personal and affordable service that meets your dynamic needs. Whether person to person, businesses and stores, small or bulk orders, Errands has a solution.

We currently have daily routes available between Williamsburg and Boro Park with plans to expand and add new discounted routes in the future.

Out of zone or zipcode deliveries are available between Monsey and NJ, Brooklyn and Manhattan, and most locations within the Tri-state area.

Have a unique delivery in mind or not sure if your order is able to be done? Contact us today and let us show you a way to make it happen.

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