Safety first

Our fleet of 270+ Pros is constantly in motion, utilizing a diverse range of vehicles and delivery methods. All our Pros are well-trained, licensed, insured, and receive excellent care

Sidewalk Safty

Zero Tolerance Policy

We prioritize the adherence of our bikers to sidewalk safety rules. Our bikers undergo thorough training sessions that specifically address the importance of respecting pedestrian spaces and following sidewalk regulations.

We emphasize the significance of maintaining a controlled and considerate speed, yielding to pedestrians, and using designated bike lanes where available. To reinforce these guidelines, our platform employs real-time tracking and monitoring tools to detect and address any instances of bikers deviating from sidewalk safety norms.

Through the integration of education, awareness, and monitoring, we aim to serve our community without compromising pedestrian and our children's safety.

Traffic Law

Our messenger service places a high priority on ensuring that our Pros adhere to traffic laws and regulations to promote safety and responsible conduct on the roads.

We implement a rigorous screening process during the onboarding of Pros, which includes thorough background checks and verification of their driving records. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training sessions to educate our Pros about local traffic laws, road safety, and our company's specific guidelines.

Our real-time tracking and performance metrics are designed to promptly identify and address any deviations from safe driving practices. Through these measures, we are committed to maintaining a fleet of responsible and law-abiding Pros, contributing to a secure and reliable service for our community..

Common Sense - Safety

We operate with a strong ethical commitment, going beyond legal mandates to do what's right. Every day, we strive to exceed requirements, ensuring the safety of our neighborhoods, children, pedestrians, Pros, and packages is our top priority.


Small Enough to care - Big enough to make a difference

Our commitment to delivering personalized and attentive service while leveraging our substantial impact for positive change.